Dating site safety tips for women 2018 calendar pdf думаю, что

Dating site safety tips for women 2018 calendar pdf -

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dating site safety tips for women 2018 calendar pdf

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dating site safety tips for women 2018 calendar pdf

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Percentage of respondents who have taken active steps to edit or remove online information that might sfaety their reputations. Percentage of those surveyed who take time to protect their reputations online. Estimated worldwide financial losses while repairing online damage to personal reputations in Skip to main content.

Be awesome online and in real life.

Be awesome online and in real life.

Pay attention to your online persona and take steps to ensure a positive persona— both personally and professionally. The teens then evolved their words to an artistic representation of their individual manifestos, which yielded rap songs, videos, paintings, mixed-media art and digital works. Anything you post can become part of your online reputation and your online brand for the rest of your digital life. So before you post, ask yourself: Could this hurt others?

Would I womenn this with по этому адресу parents?

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Could this endanger opportunities for my future? Remember the Internet is permanent, vast and always listening. Any one of your selfies could show up at your first job interview. Carefully select the pictures you share. A simple photo can читать полностью your reputation.

Relationships can be complicated in real life. And they can also be complicated online. You can fight with your sister over messenger, you can create a community on Tumblr, and you can find your best gips over common boards on Pinterest. Here посмотреть еще some tips for managing your relationships online:. The Internet is a great tool to stay in touch with people over long distances, like cousins on another coast or friends studying abroad.

Be nice to people, even if everyone else is being mean to them. Bullying is not cool in real life or online.

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Whether you meet a new person in real life or online, strive to safe. Protect your identity, security, and privacy, and always tell someone you trust about a new person you meet online.

dating site safety tips for women 2018 calendar pdf

If something makes you uncomfortable, even if you met in real life, cut off contact. Suppose you caledar a new car. Would you post a photo of you standing in front of your new car — with the license plate showing in the background? Https:// mindful of the information that is shared on the photos, videos and status updates you post online.

You could be helping someone hack your privacy and identity. Here are some tips to keep your info safe:.

dating site safety tips for women 2018 calendar pdf